Hearken Media | Pricing & Billing Policy
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Hearken Media
Pricing & Billing Policy
Last Modified: 2016-08-03

This policy outlines our general approach to pricing and billing so that our clients know what to expect when working with us. However, agreements in writing for individual projects take precedence over this general policy, and in the case of a conflict between a written project agreement and this policy, the project-specific agreement shall prevail for that project only.


Projects expected to require more than five hours of work are usually subject to a fixed price quote, provided in writing prior to starting work. This includes most new website and software development projects as well as more substantial maintenance work. We usually require a percentage of the price as a deposit, paid before the project starts.

The work and deliverables comprising the project must be discussed and agreed upon before a final quote can be provided. We understand that changes and additions to project specifications may be desired as development progresses, and we like to accommodate these when reasonable. However, we reserve the right to bill an additional hourly fee for extra work resulting from changes or additions made to project specifications after the final quote has been accepted, at our sole discretion.

The project is considered complete once the client gives approval to make the website available to the public (for web development projects) or once the client indicates that they would like to receive the deliverable (for other projects). Except as specified in the written quote agreement and/or as otherwise agreed before launch or delivery, any work requested after launch or delivery will be billable on an hourly basis or subject to a new quote. Our quote agreements often include warranty provisions for correcting defects in our work at no charge to the client; however, the details may vary depending on the project and must be explicitly provided for in the quote agreement.

Hourly Work

Smaller tasks such as website maintenance are usually billed on an hourly basis. Time is billed per hour or partial hour (i.e. time is rounded up to the next whole hour), and may include time spent in correspondence or communication with the client. Except where otherwise provided for in a separate agreement, hourly work is invoiced as soon as all outstanding work orders from the client have been fulfilled, and not less than once per calendar month.

Hourly rates may vary. Where not otherwise quoted or specified, our hourly rate is $100 per hour or partial hour.

When a Hearken Media employee or contractor is assigned to a project or task, the number of hours billable to the client for the part of the project or task completed by the employee or contractor shall be equal to: the number of hours for which the employee or contractor was paid while assigned to the project or task, which may include bathroom breaks, etc.; plus any rounding up that occurs in accordance with this agreement or any other agreement with the client.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is billed on a monthly fee basis. Current pricing for our standardized hosting plans is specified on our website. For clients with requirements not met by our standard plans, we will provide a customized plan and monthly price quote. Fees are paid in advance on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.


Products and services provided to clients in Canada are subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Certain products and services may also be subject to the B.C. Provincial Sales Tax (PST). Except where explicitly stated otherwise, quoted prices do not include tax.

Clients outside of Canada are responsible for any taxes, duties, tariffs, or other government fees applicable to our products and services.

Currency & Payment Methods

All prices are quoted and payable in Canadian Dollars, except where explicitly stated otherwise. We accept payment via cash, cheque, Interac e-Transfer®, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Credit and debit card payments are not accepted at this time.

Subject to Change

All policies and prices in this document are subject to change at any time without notice.